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A veteran-owned American company.

Edge Technology

The future is here, and our team is rolling out the next generation of cloud technology, featuring edge data centers. Built on our own cloud network, edge computing is the wave of the future, designed to put access to your data closer to the user. Contact us today about designing your own edge strategy for your company.

Unrivaled Security Protection

Built by Aerospace Engineers

Built by aerospace and cyber engineers who have sworn an oath to protect our nation’s vital military, space and cyber infrastructures.

Proprietary Encryption

With 30 years of cyber experience protecting our nations vital systems, we've developed our own encryption able to be monitored in real time.

Full Control - Keyboard to Dirt

Unlike many of our competitors we control everything from the keyboard to the dirt and are not reliant on big techs products or services.

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We can help your business save costs and design your technology. 

Customer Benefits

Peace of Mind

Companies and consumers will finally have new opportunities to develop products to market that were previously not available.

Entertainment Focus

In future phases, the Creado brand will be introducing a PaaS that will allow entertainment professionals to deliver content without censorship.

Organic Expansion

The creation of a new, protected infrastructure means the sky is the limit in regard to potential partnerships for new aligning technologies.
Providing Solutions to free Americans from their reliance on big tech.

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