Finally, the protected Cloud environment 
America has been waiting for.

Our team of NASA aerospace engineers and cyber specialists have over 30 years experience working on top secret military, aerospace and cyber systems. After a couple years of planning, we have begun the beta phase of our cloud infrastructure environment and edge data center technology, which will provide new, rival solutions to big tech that are currently not available.
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Freedom from Above!

Technology shouldn't be political! Technology is supposed to advance productivity, not shut it down.

Compute Power

For Business and Consumer

Honey Pot Encryption

Protected by Six Layer of
Proprietary Encryption.

Scalable Bandwidth

Designed for Streaming Technology and Applications.

Storage & Hosting

Hosted in our U.S. based
Data Centers.

Secure API's

Access our compute power and
technology through our secure API’s.

Data Analytics

Protected Data and Web
Analytics for Business.

Why Choose Creado Cloud?

Peace of Mind

Deliver your product without the fear of being canceled or censored.

Low Latency

Enjoy lightning fast delivery of your content directly to your customers.

Built by NASA Engineers

Complete data, privacy and security protection built by NASA engineers.

Custom Solutions

We can consult with you to design your own custom technology needs.
Providing Solutions to free Americans from their reliance on big tech.

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